Specialist Team

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Aidan Horan

Aidan is a Director in the consultancy, training and development directorate at the Institute of Public Administration, specialising in governance and financial management. The range of services provided within his area of responsibility incorporate consultancy, advice, facilitation, training and professional development programmes. He was formerly director of the professional accountancy and audit programmes at the Institute.

Aidan leads the Governance Specialist Team at the Institute, and co-manages the Governance Forum with Tom Ward. The spectrum of governance services delivered includes board evaluations; board and senior management briefings, workshops, seminars and facilitation services; reviews of risk management systems; audit guidance and reviews of internal financial and general control systems; and also governance compliance arrangements, policies and procedures. 

In addition to his lead role in governance services, Aidan has also been nominated as a non-executive member to a number of board and committee roles over recent years in the public and state sectors. He is also a member of the Policy and Standards Board of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, United Kingdom and former chairperson of the CIPFA Republic of Ireland Branch.

Dr Nicolas Marcoux

Nicolas is a Senior Governance Specialist in the IPA Governance Team, providing assistance and consultancy services to various state and semi-state bodies, charities and not-for-profit organisations on issues regarding good governance arrangements, board effectiveness and impact assessment. His work primarily centres around training, board evaluations, gap analysis exercises, governance framework reviews, and the development of policies and procedures. 

Nicolas has also provided research assistance to the Charity Regulator Consultative Panel on the governance of charities in Ireland that led to the adoption of the Charities Governance Code by the CRA. He is an experienced trainer and provides training to EU Officials on Public Policy Analysis. He also contributes to the IPA Governance Forum, and the IPA Professional Certificate in Governance where he teaches on the governance of Irish not-for-profit organisations and charities.

Previous to his position at the IPA, Nicolas worked for the EU Commission providing support and capacity-building on governance reform to many public and semi-state bodies overseas.  He was also the CEO of a major not-for-profit organisation in South Africa when he ran the operations of the Society for Human Rights. Nicolas also possesses a deep understanding of the operations of the Irish public sector which he acquired as Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa Unit of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs