Background to IPA Pensions Forum for Non-commercial Semi-state and Related Bodies

In 2005, the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) established a Members-only Pensions Forum exclusively for non-commercial Semi State & related Bodies and Agencies. This initiative responded directly to some of the needs of the relevant Bodies, resulting from an analysis of questionnaires completed by representatives of these Bodies at a Seminar organised by the IPA on May 3st 2005.

What this Forum Includes:

What this Forum Excludes:

Networking Opportunities

Membership of this Forum provides enhanced opportunities for pensions administrators to establish links with and discuss/exchange pertinent pensions issues with peers in other relevant organisations. This on-going opportunity for open communication provides opportunities for the strengthening of links between Forum members.


The forum membership fee is €1,800 per annum and the membership year starts on May 1st. Forum membership allows one person from each organisation to attend events included in the annual fee. Additional staff are welcome to attend the seminars for a fee of €210 per person per event.

Service Providers and Facilitators

The specialist expertise for this Pensions Forum is provided by pension experts from Public Authority Pension Services Ltd.

The Forum is managed by Majella Malone and  Jane Greer